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The company is established in its own facilities. 

These consist of storage areas with a total area of 1,200 m2, an office building and ancillary areas, a 5 ton platform and 3 cranes of 15 tons, 5 tons and 5 tons. 

In other words, a well-equipped iron shopping center has been created that can immediately and adequately serve the company's customers by having a comfortable parking and loading/unloading area. 

 The range of goods includes:

  • Wrought iron (angles, blades, square, round, etc.) 

  • Beams ( IPN, UNP, IDE, HEA, HEB ) 

  • Sheet metal (hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, embossed) 

  • Hollow beams as well as plumbing and industrial equipment and plasterboards. 

Cutting machines also operate in the factory area:

  • 2 saws, 

  • 1 pair of scissors, 

  • 1 strand, 

  • 1 Scissors, 

  • 1 pantograph, 

  • 1 curling iron.


The company was founded in 1968 under the name "AFOI XANTHOPOULI O.E." and was active in the retail and wholesale trade of iron.

The headquarters of the company was located in the center of Kavala, 3 Nikis street behind the town hall. Gradually the business is growing. In 1989, an area of 4,850 m2 is purchased in Perigiali, Kavala, and the construction of the new building facilities begins. The company was founded by XANTHOPOULOS ELIAS and XANTHOPOULOS STAVROS who for years offered their valuable experience and knowledge of the subject. 

In 2001 they separated the company and thus the company is now called "XANTHOPOULOS ILIAS and SIA OE" which wants to believe that it can play leading roles in this new market that is being formed. Mr. XANTHOPOULOS ILIAS as Chairman of the Board of Directors. is responsible for the Administration of the company, the Sales, Purchases, Accounting and Secretariat Departments are staffed by Ms. Xanthopoulou Christina and Ms. Xanthopoulou Varvara. The facilities also employ experienced technical staff able to meet the requirements of the modern production process.

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